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Avoid rub-through when sanding or slicing high spots in paint or clearcoat


Automechanika Award Winner!

Sold in over 30 countries



Allows user to see exactly where hidden tool is at all times by following surface trace.


Get into PDR today!

Sold worldwide


Avoid rub-through when sanding or slicing high spots in paint or clearcoat


Automechanika Award Winner!

Sold in over 30 countries


Auxiliary workshop and PDR lighting via 3600 lumen, 48W LED panel

60cm x 60cm on

adjustable wheeled base.

Ideal for SMART repair, paint shops, DIY and general workshops

Retocar Express Ltd designs, manufactures and globally distributes a range of patented SMART repair and body shop innovations.

Magnetic Roller Tip

The art of  PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is removing dents where paint has not been damaged and results in a cost effective and ecologically friendly repair technique, though is difficult for the novice to master because the tool tip is hidden from view inside the dented panel, making it difficult to know where to push to remove the dent.

Our tool tips are machined from aluminium with a freely rotating neodimium sphere which rotates to lock onto the inside of the panel at one of its poles, where magnetic flux is at its maximum. When a ferrite surface trace is placed on the panel's outer surface, it is picked up magnetically through the panel, showing the user exactly where to push to remove the dent and is accurate to the millimetre despite the bar angle changing while the dent is pushed as the sphere rotates to maintain pole adhesion to the panel.

Sold in over 30 countries in five continents, this increasingly popular tool allows SMART repairers, body shops, DIY users, detailers etc to perform basic PDR.

This can be used as a training aid to get into this lucrative business.

See video demonstration in Products section.

Patents: US 9,757,782 B2, GB2479557, EP 2 558 226 B1


Avoid rub-through when sanding or slicing surface imperfections such as floaters and runs in paint and clearcoat.

A stainless steel masking shim just 50 microns thick, Shim-Mask has four chemically etched geometric shapes and smooth rounded corners for a perfectly flat, non-burred finish. It is very hard, flat, thin, non-rusting and re-useabe.

Simply place the most suitable shape over the panel to expose the imperfection and using a one-sided blade , sanding block or mechanical sander, slice or abrade across the stencil body to remove the imperfection while the stencil body protects the surrounding area.

A larger shape can then be placed over the imprefection to further feather the repair by using a finer abrasive. Shim-Mask is then removed before the final polish.

Ideal for painters, SMART repairers or the DIY user, Shim-Mask is presented in a sleeve of three pieces.

See video demontrations in Products section. Shim-Mask is a registered trademark and winner of Innovations Gallery at the Madrid Automechanika 2013.

Sold in over 30 countries in 5 continents.

Patents: PCT003467PC00, GB2485594, PCT/GB2011/001610

SMART Day Lite(R)

New Product

Good illumination in vehicle refinishing and SMART repair is vital if unwanted surprises are to be avoided when work carried out in poor light is viewed in daylight.

SMART Day Lite provides workshop illumination of dayligh quality thanks to a powerful but energy efficient 48W LED diffusor panel incorporating 240 LEDs providing the equivalent of 200W of incandescent lighting but in a cool white light (6000k) at 3600 lumens.

A panel measuring 60cm square is protected between shatterproof polycarbonate and solvent resistant rubber backing, encased within an aluminium frame, mounted on a weighted, height and angle adjustable, collapsable wheeled stand.

SMART Day Lite (R) is ideal for not only painters and SMART repairers but also for mechanics, printers, DIYers and indeed anyone needing powerful but non-blinding daylight quality auxilliary illumination.

Thanks to a removable line board screen, SMART Day Lite(R) can also be used as a giant PDR lamp.

SMART Day Lite(R) is a registered trade mark.

Patents: Pat Pending

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